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Memorial to Blair Fraser at Rollway Rapids on the Petawawa River in Algonquin Park

(photo by Diana: 2016-09-11) 

Memorial to Blair Fraser at Rollway Rapids. The memorial was vandalized in 2008; the stub of the original bottom part of the cross can be seen in the background. The cross was found in the river during the drought year of 2012, and has been remounted. Although it appears to have just been stuck between some rocks, it is actually solidly cemented in place, with rocks placed around it for a more natural appearance. The story of Blair Fraser and the remounting of the memorial can be read here: Borne back into the past: Three generations paddle down the Petawawa in memory of Blair Fraser.

This photo appears on the bushlog page Trip Log - The Petawawa River from Lake Travers to McManus Lake

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